The Love-Wisdom University
We are Egor and Katia, two consciously evolving autonomous human beings engaged in a playful and transparent exploration into the nature of reality, consciousness and evolution through open dialogue with each other and environment.

Why Syntony? In the words of Alexander Laszlo:
As an organizing force in societal evolution, syntony involves an embodiment and manifestation of conscious evolution: when conscious intention is aligned with evolutionary purpose, we can foster and design evolutionarily consonant pathways of human development in partnership with Earth. The effort to cultivate these dynamics constitutes a syntony quest.
We wish to give the possibility of conscious evolution to every being on Earth.
We explore
We want to understand the exact nature of enlightenment and path to enlightenment from both direct experience and careful systematic observations. So that anybody on Earth can attain whatever stage of enlightenment they desire in the shortest time possible.
Multi-human organisms
We know from direct experience that human beings can merge into a singular organism with many bodies and one stream of consciousness. Become super-coherent just like cells in our bodies. Once again we want to deeply understand this process and give it to everybody.
Cellular consciousness
We explore the underlying patterns of existence through the wisdom of the body, movement patterns, cellular consciousness and bodymind expression. We want to fully inhabit our bodies.
Practices we use in our work.
So far only in Russian.
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Egor Azanov
Your sensory organ
My gift is making unintelligible complexity obviously simple, integrating perspectives and intuiting wholes.

Contacts: email, telegram and facebook.
Katia Azanova
Knowing doing
My gift is bringing clarity, pointing out strengths and weaknesses. Holding it all together with a smile.

Contacts: email, telegram, facebook and instagram.